New Menu Look for 2017-2018!
Nutrition Services has a new look! In addition to all the information about what is included in a meal, how to set up payments, CardCredit, etc... We now have an interactive menu that is available each month on the Nutrition Services website. I encourage you to take some time to familiarize yourselves with the functionality of this new interactive menu.
Start with the district website and scroll down to the tab Nutrition Services, open that tab, and go to Menu.
Menus offered at schools are available for all to view. Prior to viewing individual items you will see on the screen a disclaimer pop up to indicate the information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge. The viewer must click AGREE and then has the ability to get into the interactive features. This is necessary as manufacturers can be later rather than sooner informing distributors of changes. Once you indicate your approval you then have full access to checking out food items. Scroll over an item you want to view and a picture of the item, the nutritionals of the food, all ingredients as known at time of entering, as well as allergens will appear.
For items that are not on the menu but wish to be viewed on an individual basis, lists are being created and will be published.
Additional features of this interactive menu allow individuals to click on a tab on the right hand of the screen indicating Special Meal Accommodations if you wish to screen the food by ALLERGENS. A line will strike though any item on the menu in red if it contains the selected allergen(s) and you may select as many allergens as you wish to screen. 
PLEASE NOTE that copies cannot be provided to the buildings as in the past.
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